Hi All !

I am looking for a supplier/maker of wooden hat making tools. I am specifically after a Hat Brim Rounding Jack and Hat Brim Curling Shackle.

Thanks !


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Hi Courtney

thanks for your email, you have a reply from me about these tools :)



Hello Courtney,

I recently ordered some hat making tools from the following website:  www.decoustudio.com. I think you will find what you are looking for there.  

Susan Poirier

Hi Susan, 

I did find that website on Etsy however i can't wait the 3+ months he had for delivery at the time. I now have Darryll from Hat Blocks Australia on the job for me and am looking forward to using my new tools ! Thankyou so much for replying to my post and have fun with your new tools ! x Courtney

just letting you know...work has started on my prototype rounding jack :)

most other tools, i have made but never listed...



Great ! Really looking forward to the finished product.

Thanks Darryll 


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