The life of a Milliner can be very isolated but thankfully some of us have a pet who loves to find a warm spot in our studio to watch our every move. Here is Sheba taking it on herself to reshape one of my hats!

Tell us about your pet and as your in-house Studio Supervisor do they contribute to your inspiration and motivation?

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My late Pudgy Budgie Happy was always with me.  Loved to sit on my shoulder and chatter to me as I sewed or explore my cutting table.  Most of all she was always willing to help me find just the right trim and would look for it for hours if I did not move on to more interesting things.

My daughter's cat sits on anything that sounds like tissue paper. She also crawls in between my stacks of velvet and wool. She gives her blessing by leaving long white hairs all over my velvet. She also likes to sleep in the sink and disapproves of me turning the light on when I need to use the other sink,


Simba loves to photo bomb when I'm taking photos! Cats are amazing but i have to keep the millinery supplies out of his way, door closed or he will destroy everything!

Simba is very cute and the look in his eyes says to Photographer "Focus on the real subject- ME!"  LOL

Don't we just love our furry Supervisors/Managers?  They overlook ever detail, adding a paw wherever needed.  I am currently recruiting for one for my own studio - and hope to have that position filled very soon!

Which brings up a thought - a tutorial for Hats for Cats!

Why not ? These are in place +another 10 styles including cowboy hats. What fits a bear would fit a cat.  Will put on my to do list!!  


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