Millinery Convention 29/6/13 - 5/7/13

Is anyone going to the Brisbane Millinery Convention? I am thinking of going, but was wondering if I could meet up with others. I am thinking of attending classes on Wednesday, 4th of July. If you're going (I haven't registered yet) could you please advise. Thanks. A private message will suffice if you don't want to state your plans in public!

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I'm going - I'll be there Tue/Wed/Thursday. Send me an email :D

I'm going too.  It looks fabulous and I've registered for the week. 

I'd love to meet up - perhaps there could be a 'Hat Academy' cocktail  hour one night ... :D 

My email address is



Looks like it's going to be great!

Sounds Fab idea to all catch up . Having HatChat with all Toowoomba Hatters next Fri night.  It is great to be encouraging each other & to meet up with the real people we only know in cyberspace!!

I wonder if we could organise a quick get-together - say at lunch one day early in the week. 

Elaine, do you know the layout of the venue?  Is there a place that 'Hat Academy' milliners to all turn up for a meet and greet?  We could then sort out whether we wanted to do something more formal - i.e. have dinner of something ...

I'd be happy to be the contact person:   0400 888 522


When I register I'll be in touch. I lived in Toowoomba for 7 years Bellinda, so will be nice to meet another local, plus always good to catch up with Elaine too!

I'm going for three of the days - can't wait!!

I will bet there for the whole week. I would love to catch up with other Hat Academy Milliners.

Will get back to you about meeting point but how about Tuesday lunch Does that suit all ??

Tuesday's good for me.


Yes - Tue lunch is good for me :D

Tuesday lunch is good for me too!


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