Hi, I'm a budding milliner in the Midwest and see all of the fabulous conferences and workshops happening in Aussie. With a pretty slim budget, it's tough to make that trip. Does anyone know of US conferences?  Thanks! Sarah

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The conferences in Australia are run every two years, they are brilliant. Most people get together and share accomodation. As you probably know the Wagga international conference has just finished, therefore it's two years before it comes around again. I do hope you find something in the USA.

Hi Sarah,

If you don't mind me asking...where are you in the midwest? There are a few of us scattered through the MW. We (The MIlliners of Etsy) did a great fashion show in Three Oaks, MI this past June.

I'm always looking for others to network with in the region...we all are, actually.

Looking forward to hearing back!


Hi Sarah!

I too am in the Midwest and had the same questions about a US conference.  It would be great if we had one here.   

I have attended some of Australian Conferences and they do involve much team work. I commend all those who are behind these conferences as most is voluntary work for the sake of the industry.

The recent International Millinery Forum in Wagga and Hats Off to Brisbane Conference in July were both organized by Millinery Associations in Australia so the first step I recommend is to form an Association in the midwest and set up a committee to work on it. Sponsorship by Millinery Suppliers, Blockmakers, Haberdashery suppliers, Magazines or any who are related to the millinery industry or Fashion industry is a vital step as it needs financial backing. I am sure Jan & some of milliners who were involved in the Australian Conferences would be happy to give you direction.       

I agree something in the USA is needed.Wayne Wichern does Hat Camp in Seattle area every 2 years. I've heard there are plans to do more regional stuff in the off year. Jan Wudkowski May be putting something together, I've not heard details 

On Jan Wutkowski's site she has a Millinery Meet-up listed on her class schedule:  Oct 18—22 Millinery Meet-up TBA.  She will most likely be posting details soon on her blog.  Has any one attended a meet-up before?  Two years is a long time to wait for Wagga Int'l conference or Hat Camp.     


The online classes look a great idea ,being able to buy one lesson at a time to fit in with budget


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