As we all look forward to the new year and millinery season we all have a few items on our wish list.

Maybe Santa needs to know about it! Is it a new sewing machine, a special block, more lessons or a steamer or restock on particular straws or felts?

What's on your wish list?

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oh, several blocks wanted, a new machine that bias binds, oh and a bigger house to store it all in !

 Santa I have been really good all year !!!

Oh, and all your lessons too :)

My list is long, but would love a rounding jack!

Feathers and spines and more money for adornments!

Dear Santa,

My list will be so long ...

Some blocks, a rounding jack, some money to make my workroom more confortable, and all the lessons of hat academy !

Thank you !

Mine is short but tough.

Dear Santa,

Please let me have a life long enough to create all the hats that are swimming around in my head and heart.

(That would only make me about 304 years old and I promise I would be good on all those days.)

I second all of the Hat Academy lessons! Or maybe a monthly fee where you can access all lessons? Like Netflix streaming!

Oh, I like that idea!


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