Hi Milliners,

I just have to ask. Recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips and starting to feel the symptoms in my hands as well. I was looking forward to many, many years of millinery, but can I still?. Are there  any of you  making hats with arthritis in your hands? What do you do to manage?  

Best regards,


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Hi Ninni, Sorry to hear about your arthritis. I too,  now have arthritic hands. And my fingers are gradually bending inwards which makes it harder to hold a fine needle. But I think sheer determination has pushed me through so far, and I am still making hats. Ok, so it takes longer and sometimes I find another way of doing something to make it easier. I tend to avoid steaming felt as this is a bit of a punishment on my hands but perhaps knowing what to avoid and finding easier ways is the key. I do hope you can carry on making hats as long as you can. 

Best wishes


Thank you for being encouraging! I also think you should not give up and to use  creativity to solve the problems that you run into. 

Best wishes



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