What do people listen to while they sew? Do you even listen to anything?
Me, if I'm sewing petersham trim or headband I like a good drama on podcast, or (if in UK) The Archers. Where I can get engrossed while doing a 'not have to think too much' about the sewing. And it's a good bit of Jazz for anything else in my studio!!

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TV talking to itself mostly, as I find music can annoy me and  I speed up to the tempo !

I'd have to turn my head to the TV Jain so too distracting for me:-) chilled Jazz is good 'working' music though!

I like listening to history podcasts or fun audiobooks while machine sewing, but if I'm doing lots of hand work it's good to have a nice long TV series on Netflix to get into.

Blossom Dearie and Edith Piaf always seem to put me in the most productive mood.

Agreed on those recommendations!

I listen to Smooth Radio as its has a lot of songs etc. that I relate to and takes me back to my young frivolous days of rock and roll, Elvis and the Beatles. Falling in love every other week (I am now 71) So I cut and sew with a smile on my face!


if I'm doing something where I don't have to 'think too much' it's mostly TV Series (but not Downton Abbey -that's too much of a distraction with all the costumes!), otherwise it depends.. when I start to feel drawn-out I need something more rock or metal, to boost my energy level!

On days with fine weather, I've noticed that I seem to prefer movie soundtracks for sewing and blocking.

I listen to a lot of Wagner when I work.  A lot of the Ring and sometimes Parsifal.  I'm a real opera fan.  When it's not opera, it's early jazz and cabaret.

 Mostly I listen to myself - talking, singing, grunting, etc.

I listen to TV or youtube videos or Netflix series or listen to music. Usually, listen to calm music. Jazz, soul, indie.  

i have been listening to millinery podcast. do you know about 


it s on spotify too.

I find listening to an interesting podcast keeps me from having the need to call and chat with people!

Hi cla,

What a great recommendation!  We hope you are enjoying the podcasts!  

The podcasts for Millinery.Info are on our website at https://millinery.info/resource/interviews/ or on most podcast apps which we hope it makes it nice and easy for everyone to tune into. 

There are lots of great chats to tune into, it is milliners chatting to milliners about millinery.  We just did a podcast with the amazing Elaine Mergard, the founding of Hat Academy with many more and some great other discussions coming up.  

Hope enjoy the podcasts,



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