What do people listen to while they sew? Do you even listen to anything?
Me, if I'm sewing petersham trim or headband I like a good drama on podcast, or (if in UK) The Archers. Where I can get engrossed while doing a 'not have to think too much' about the sewing. And it's a good bit of Jazz for anything else in my studio!!

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TV talking to itself mostly, as I find music can annoy me and  I speed up to the tempo !

I'd have to turn my head to the TV Jain so too distracting for me:-) chilled Jazz is good 'working' music though!

I like listening to history podcasts or fun audiobooks while machine sewing, but if I'm doing lots of hand work it's good to have a nice long TV series on Netflix to get into.

Blossom Dearie and Edith Piaf always seem to put me in the most productive mood.

Agreed on those recommendations!

I listen to Smooth Radio as its has a lot of songs etc. that I relate to and takes me back to my young frivolous days of rock and roll, Elvis and the Beatles. Falling in love every other week (I am now 71) So I cut and sew with a smile on my face!


if I'm doing something where I don't have to 'think too much' it's mostly TV Series (but not Downton Abbey -that's too much of a distraction with all the costumes!), otherwise it depends.. when I start to feel drawn-out I need something more rock or metal, to boost my energy level!

On days with fine weather, I've noticed that I seem to prefer movie soundtracks for sewing and blocking.

I listen to a lot of Wagner when I work.  A lot of the Ring and sometimes Parsifal.  I'm a real opera fan.  When it's not opera, it's early jazz and cabaret.

 Mostly I listen to myself - talking, singing, grunting, etc.


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