How do you stiffen your lace? I am not having much luck. I tried gelatine, tried PVA granules, and PVA/water 50/50 on guipure lace.. No luck. Should I try the chemical stiffener in the tin? I want to make a lace boater. Please hit me with your ideas! It's very frustrating!!!

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There is a previous post on here from 17 Feb 2014 that may be helpful?

I have also tried a few different things inclyding a sugar solution: 


And here are some some other tutorials that might be helpful:

I use watered down fabric stiffener for my lace headpieces. Approx 2 parts stiffener to 1 part water for Guipure lace, slightly thinner for nylon lace. The ratio can change depending on how stiff the initial lace is.

Make sure the lace is well saturated, massage the glue in really well and then squeeze all the excess glue out before blocking to avoid white spots caused by excess glue appearing on the back of dark coloured lace.

I have also tried watered down PVA, but I feel I have had better results with the fabric stiffener.

I have been stiffening my lace with just the stiffemeing hlue. Shouldnt that be the strongest way??


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