Is It worth offering a re-trim service to your customers?

Milliners are often approached by customers with their favourite hats in hand, requesting if they offer re-trim services. For some this might be an extra way to earn an income, please their customers and learn new techniques by looking at the construction of older hats made by different milliners. For others it might be insulting to the original milliner, they may feel that it is not truly their design and it might also not be worth their time and money. 

Do you think it is worth your time and money offering a re-trim to your clients and potential customers?

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Why not, you restore leather clothing and furniture so milliners should be willing to restore a decrepit old hat...but not as main bread and butter....more of a complimentary service if required!  I will not redesign another designers goods or copy it! Restore, shrink, refit yeah!!!!

I completely agree with Edith.

For myself, I decide on each individual case.  Depends on the person and exactly what they are asking, because I have done it as a complimentary service.  I have gotten wonderful compliments.  This helped to spread my reputation. I think it can be beneficial.


I consider it a learning experience.  I cleaned, steamed and freshened up flowers, straw and replaced the broken wire in a fur felt hat while re-blocking the crown which was soft and dented, removed rhinestones and cleaned the straw then place the rhinestones back in place.  I finished 4 hats without changing the original style while learning what can be done with battered hats other than throwing them away.


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