How to make a silk abaca "turban" style headband

Please I try to make silk abaca turban headband but I have problem to finish it.
I try a good solution to adjust the headband to the head .
I don t know if is better to put an elastic or just make a circle with the silk abaca but in this case it isn't fit good on the head...
What s the better solution for the better result?

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When I made one for a customer a few years ago, I made an inner headband to the customer's head size and then mounted the abaca piece on top. The inner band was a flattened tube of bias cut material, I think it was pinokpok dyed to tone in with the abaca (it was meant to be seen in places). I shaped the pinokpok on a hat block, then sewed the ends together. I also sewed in a petersham ribbon headband as usual. Also some elastic or ribbon loops that the customer could use with hairpins to secure it. I can't find any pictures unfortunately.

On another smilar headband I sewed springwire in to give it a circular rather than oval shape. Customer had very thick curly hair and didn't know if she would have it straightened or not so she requested her headband had a slight bit of "give". When worn, the band would be pulled into the oval of the headshape but still feel secure front and back. Apparently it was very comfortable. 

Hope that's of some use!

Thank you.


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