Having seen a vintage cloche featuring a grosgrain nautilus cockade I want to make one.  I can't find any instructions anywhere.  A friend is sure she has seen some in a millinery book but can't remember which one.

Can anyone recommend a book that might help me?  At the moment I am pleating up the grosgrain with a thread and then pinning it out onto a foam ball to get the right shape but I wondered if there are some tips out there to make it easier.  I know it's probably just a variation of a plain round cockade but help would be appreciated.

This is the vintage one which inspired me.

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From the Neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking [Print] [Perfect Paperback]

Denise Dreher 

There are instructions in the book listed above.  But, try as I might, I couldn't really follow them.  And most of the directions in that book are really good.  I think it may have been operator error (me).  You can buy premade ones at Hobby Lobby, but they are made out of cheap-looking ribbon.  I was thinking about buying one and deconstructing it to figure out how to make one.  My take is once you learn how to make one, they should be very easy to make.  


Hi Cindy,
I agree, it's not that easy to follow. I have tried it and was less than happy with the result. I feel sure there are some tips and techniques to make it easier. I am buying one online for another hat and will have a sticky at it before I use it. I'm also trying the instructions at http://claudinedemontigny.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/yet-another-cocka....
I'll let you know how I go!!


I'm there.  I have an entire roll of Petersham and a three-day weekend coming up--can't wait to try to make these.  Those instructions are very good.  I think using all the sharp pins and measuring the folds may be the keys to making them.  Thanks for the directions!


How did you get on with this Cynthia? I haven't had time to try anything more yet.

I have the instructions in my to-do pile, but haven't had the time to get to them. I've been working on a big case for work, which has been monopolizing so much of my free time.  I'm going to redouble my efforts to learn how to make one.  I think Cockades are very sharp.  

I followed the instruction listed on this reply.  This is my first cockade.  I want to try something a bit more complicated.  This was not as easy as it looks.  The nest time I will make my loops smaller, but over all not bad for a first try.

Very nice Adella! I still haven't got around to any more attempts at the nautilus cockade. Too much to do.
I would LOVE to learn the Nautilus Cockade. I need to use them in some up coming fashions.
I still haven't got around to making one. I'll get around to it one day soon hopefully.
I have this book, "From The Neck Up", but am unable to find the Nautilus Cocarde instructions. Could you please tell me on which page I will find it?
It doesn't have any instructions for a Nautilus cockade Linda, well not to my knowledge. There are general cockade instructions that people have tried to use to work out how to make a nautilus but I don't think anyone has succeeded yet. Hence the thread. I'm fiddling about on my own when I get time but I haven't had much time yet. Good luck.
Ah. Thanks. I will try my best to see if I can figure it out. Thanks again!


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