How to keep a hatinator with headband/head elastic on bald head

Hello pros!  I pray this finds you all well.  I am having to design a hatinator (large) for a client who happens to be bald.  This is going on a headband as well as a head elastic.  But I am wondering if there is any better way of keeping this "thing" on the head securely.  Please share.  Many thanks.

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Not easy especially if no hair at all. I made a bridal headpiece for girl with Alopecia and as well as elastic and headband added thin piece of velcro (homeside) so it would not skid but she did have small tufts of hair. Best I can suggest as it is large hatinator is to create wire frame to fit her head not just overrides &  top of head but 2 - 3 wires extending from the top to lower edge of band around the nape of neck. Need to cover wire with something soft not scratchy due to no hair. Maybe incorporate extra wires as part of design. Will require several fittings with her until she is comfortable with it The hatinator will need to sit at front of head otherwise will just slide off. Sure a challenge -E xx 

Oh my goodness!  This sounds like a lot of engineering work, Elaine.  This hatinator is already made and she wants to get it off Etsy - I guess this is not the right type of headpiece for her then.

I will definitely keep these instructions handy for when I have to construct anything from scratch for such a person - thanks so much for such a detailed response.  Grateful!  Blessings ...


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