I thought when I ordered this tool that the push pin would be inserted into the pusher. When I got the red push pins the top is just flat.  How do you use this gadget

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Im getting the pin pusher i the mail as we speak.

Image result for millinery pin pusher how does it work

I understand that it is used with the stock standard household pins. 

I know that there are other sorts of ones out there, maybe they take different pins.

Hope that is of some help


You mean the ones you pin pattern pieces down with when u sew?  They don't seem to be hard enough for the wooden hat blocks?

Check this page out scroll down you will see the pin pusher and then scroll down further yopu will see the Pymm pins


hope this helps.

I will be using this on thin blocks, other wise I use household thumb tacks.


I just saw your post. I am a new "milliner-in-training" and have the red push pins. I don't like them. They bend so therefore I toss them out. Will not be purchasing these again.

It is true the red ones bent very easy so what are u using?


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