Hello, any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to crate a brim similar to the one in the photos. Could anyone help me with what shape the flat pattern should be to create this twist and upturn at the back. All the patterns i've created so far have made the upturn to sharp/steep. Any suggestions gratefully received!!

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Hi Marie Claire

In Brims lesson 14 Cut& Curl I explain how to do this


I have been doing this for years

You will note one hat example I have doubled the brim to create 2 curls -actually working on a double black & white hat like this but with dome crown. Secret to get gentle curl =2layers of sinamay as once you add third layer with a conflicting grain you are causing the straw confusion. Look closely at your pic to see the grain. The roll of curve ends up using the bias to roll gently not sharply. Have fun -Elaine

Hi Marie-Claire, This brim has been split & curled but the point is under the flower. Note the depth of brim droop - the greater the depth of droop the more it will sit up at the back as in your pic Hope this helps - sorry it has taken so long but this pic disappeared from my file of hats. -E

This is called a split brim. I've seen Elaine Mergard's lesson (Lesson 14, in the Millinery Essentials Course). It is very precise and extremely helpful. Watch it a few times, then give it a try. I'm sure you'll do well! :)


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