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I have a question for you!~ I'm very curious about horsehair but not the crinoline kind. Perhaps real? I just want to ask what it exactly is and where to get it. At first I thought it was a type of feather called horsehair because it was so stiff with lift.  I've attached a couple of photos. 

If anyone could tell me what it is and where I might find / treat it that would be lovely!~

Happy new year and to many more hats!


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Hi Sarah, I have found a supplier of horsehair by the metre in Sydney but this is synthetic not hair from horses. Even in 1960s we used this as natural horsehair was not around for garment linings. Looking at pic it looks like 6" crinoline shredded just by cutting off top edge & pulling away other threads. I have found a way to colour the synthetic crinoline & have an agreement with this company to teach it online. The product will amaze you & bring out the true artist within. They do not sell through stores only distributors who will teach how to use their product. Lessons will be up this year.  This is link to Sydney supplier of horsehair by the metre. They have fab fabrics also. Elaine

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Thanks so much Elaine! Your always the best! Looking forward to the lesson~

By the way,  just checked the link and 'horsehair' and 'crinoline' don't come up in the product search. Do you know where to look to find it?

Connect with them by email through contact. Ask Colette for a pic and info considering your location outside Australia. 

Ok perfect! Thanks again!

This looks like fun.


Although not making or supplying horsehair for millinery work I thought you might be interested to know that I live about 1/4 mile from a very old traditional horsehair 'factory' here in the south west of England in rural Somerset. You might find their website interesting  http://www.johnboydtextiles.co.uk/

I keep meaning to go on one of their open days to look properly........very old buildings and always the 'oily' smell of noisy working weaving looms but the finished fabric is really strong and hard wearing.

Thanks Marion. Great info on the site. Enjoyed the Companies History and wonderful it has maintained a market for such a traditional product. If you ever go to the open day do share with us here. Ask them if they made horsehair for crinoline skirts & Millinery in the 1800's early 1900's. Thanks


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