Does anyone have any modern examples of what to do with this cool 'romanesque' crowns?  I've been loaned 3 of then in different levels of pointness.

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Depending on the size of block- if it small size than ,my guess , block from 1930 era ,when pointy crown was very much popular. If this block in large size  than it is “Tyrol” Alpian  style gentleman Hat crown. In this  case brim is trilby style , crown will be decorated with feathers, instead of ribbon very often  used silk cord. Blocked both in felt and straw ( depends on season) . Still popular in Bavaria and upper Tyrol county’s. Hope, it helps

Thank you Ivana. I wasn't certain if it was a 'pixie' of some sort. I did what you suggested last Spring using suede ribbon instead of cord and its been very popular with the LARP crowd. They call it my 'wizard detective' hat

I had heard of the Alpian style crown but didn't know that it matched. Good to know. I thought this crown could be from the Pixie style from the 20th Century.

Love this hat!  How do you get the feathers so full? What kind of feathers are they? New to millinery. Thanks! Kathy

Thank you Kathy.  The feathers are "wide prime femina ostrich"  and they are anywhere from 24-30 inches long.  They are soft and full but to make them fuller I sew 2 or more together at the tips. I also double curl them as the come straight and flat ( curl the ends of each flue and then curl the quill).  These feathers are commonly used in showgirl headdresses or in the theater.

Where does one get them this long? BTW, I used to work with a man with your last name. Very nice man. First name Lou. Any relation? Kathy

Kathy my last name is like the Italian Smith.  There is even a town in Italy where everyone is named Panozzo.  

I have had my feathers for years and still have bunches and bunches in all colors.  I bought mine at a much lower price than you can get them now.  However, Zucker Feather company in the US has them.   Wholesale prices run about $10.50 per feather but you do have to buy quantity.  I believe they also do retail for smaller quantities but do not know what the costs are.

Hope this helps.  Sharon

Thank you for this info. I have a hard time trying to navigate to the message board on Hat Academy. It is confusing!  

Where in IL is the town you live in? I am originally from WI and dont know where a lot of cities are here in IL. 

What is your Etsy shop name? I am going to China in a few weeks and planning in buying silk. Are there different names for silk? I know there is silk organza and silk Duponti (?), but know nothing about silk. 

Thank you for accepting my friend request. I looked at your hats and they are very creative and beautiful!

Have a great day! Hugs, Kathy

You are welcome Kathy.   And thank you for the nice complement.  We are about 50 miles south of Chicago towards Kankakee. Peotone does have an exit on I57.

My ETSY shop name is NouveauHatsbySharon.  If you go to my photos in Hat Academy I usually put a link in the description to the listing.  From there you can just go to my shop by clicking of the numbers at the end of the string of small photos at the top of the page if it is easier.

Have fun in China.  Silk Dupioni is lovely to work with but most silk is. There are actually only 4 types of silk (4 types of silk worms) but there are many fabrics that can be made from silk.  Damask, velvet, shantung, taffeta, brocade, crepe, organza, crepe de chine, chiffon, pongee (a cheaper fabric) and even broadcloth (but it is heavier).  So you will be a busy lady with all the silks you will see.

Email me privately or convo me through ETSY.  The Hat Academy messages are open for others eyes so you may not want to ask personal questions there. But otherwise it is fine too.


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