This is a block that I was loaned. Does anyone know the name of this brim or how you would use it?

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I do not know the name of the block but it looks to be a 1940s style.  The smaller piece is to be turned over and used inside the matching curves.  This will give a wonderful dimension to the blocked felt, fabric, straw, or buckram.  If you did not have this smaller piece you could still get some of the curves but with it the results will be spectacular.

Sharon do you know how to block with this presser so it doesn't make the indentations?

I am not sure what you mean but if you don't want the indentations do not use the presser and just the bottom brim block.  When blocking make sure you tie off tight enough to not have the felt, or what ever you are using, sink into the dents.  That is the hard way to do it and you might still have a shadow of the dents anyway but that is the only option I can think of unless you have something that will fill the dent which is highly unlikely.

I think if you blocked this with the presser you will be very impressed at how lovely it will be.  It is a beautifully smooth block and should offer you a nice smooth brim creation.

I would so love to play with this block if it was mine. I love the indentations. If you removed them you might as well use a regular Breton block. If this was my own block the first thing I would do is remove the flat board base and extend the legs another 6 + inches so that I could firstly block the crown on my dome block (maybe the one with a side dint) then push crown into the ring matching centre backs carefully. I would then block the brim dints and all so it is blocked all in one to make the most of the brim shape. You could use as it is now but may only be a low crown - play with it ......experimentation is the greatest teacher plus use lots of steam to ensure you can make the most of those magical dints using the presser. Have fun :)) 

Thank you Elaine. I will definitely give it a try. I've never used a block like this before so I didn't know if the indentations were part of the design or not.


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