" Milliners hate Hat Pins " Do you agree? Do you have a collection? What is best way to secure hat or headpiece on the head ready for a windy day?

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Stunning!!  "Albrizio, New York" is the label. Can any one give Chuck info on this vintage hat??

Thank you so much for your reply and I appreciate your help Elaine.

I hope these photos will do. 

I actually have a variety of hats, most came with nice hat box's, maybe i can post some of those as well at a later date?  

For now this one that has got me curious.  

Thanks again. Chuck

I do have a collection and they are perfect if you wear your hair like they used to with lots of crin like hair pieces under your hair for your hairdo but for todays styles they will kill your hat. I use elastic and combs.  To secure the combs I put a small pin curl in my hair where the combs will catch under them and then further secure with the elastic.  The best suggestion however is to wear the right hat.  If you know it will be windy wear one that fits onto your head and you can always grab it to keep it on if there are wind gusts.  By the way, my collection of hat pins contains vintage or those my husband has made for me.


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