" Milliners hate Hat Pins " Do you agree? Do you have a collection? What is best way to secure hat or headpiece on the head ready for a windy day?

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I love the look of hat pins. I hate the holes they put in hats! I am more likely to tuck one under a hat band or flower for a decorative element than to use it to hold a hat on the head.  I so love the beautiful antique pins for the artwork.

I have to agree with you Bridget. I love their look and use them purely for decoration rather then holding the hat on. 

Product (hair spray in ultra clean hair) and 'fittings' (combs, elastic, pins) always do the trick for anchoring pieces down.

I agree with Bridget, and use them for decoration only.  I use old or broken jewelry, extra beads and such for making them also, and sometimes it can be the perfect touch on a hat.  Judith M Millinery Supply carries four lengths of Stainless steel shanks for making your own pins.  They also carry the nice tips in silver and gold with rubber inside.  They are the best quality I have found, and only get them from her.

yes, this is where I get mine from, too.

I love hat pins, and wish it was possible to get them here in Australia. I have mine sent in from the US and decorate them myself to match the hat.

Ruth, I check markets (flea,yard sales etc) for beautiful vintage necklaces and use the beading to make my hat pins to make them truly beautiful AND one-of-a-kind. I show them in hats,+coat lapels,lamp shades....I have one in my car !!! I've created and sold them since the late 80's....I'm the "HAT PIN QUEEN"

Sounds lovely, but where do you buy the pins, and do your pins have stop ends to them?

Google "Hat Pin Supplies"...You'll find all you need to create YOUR very own style..Add feathers,pretty buttons etc to them as well...Go Ruth!!...c

Dear Ladies,

At House of Adorn we supply Hat Pins with Tear-Drop heads that is available in two sizes and in black or pearl finish. 

Here is a link: http://www.houseofadorn.com/millinery/view-all-millinery/tools-esse...

Enjoy creating your Hat Pins and please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance. 

Kind regards, 

Adora (the Swan)

Real hat pins are between 6 inches and 9 inches long and come with stop-ends. They are used to secure the hat to the head through the hair, unfortunately, yours are not of this type, but if you can obtain the real thing, plain or decorated I would be pleased to come in and see them  

Dear Ruth, 

Thank you for your reply. Our hat pins are for decorative purposes and unfortunately we do not currently stock those with the stop-ends. We may stock these in the future. Happy hatting!

Kind regards, 


As a bit of feedback, I think stop-ends are important.  Makes the hat pin less of a danger (!) and, as modern hair is generally more 'smooth and slippery' than in days gone by, it also stops them working their way out.  Stop ends with rubber inside are the best. 


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