Hat pattern or ideas for stylish chemo hat

I have a friend going through chemo,I want to make her several hats,stylish to make her feel special.i understand it would have to be lined with silk for comfort.Rhonda

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I know a lady who has alopecia (no hair at all) and she wears turbans and baseball caps a lot. She often said she wishes hats came with hair on the ends. I think it's all in the fabric and beautiful printed silk in abstract or floral designs would look stunning.
Thank you for your input Carena, Sometimes you just need a sounding board to get the creative juices fired up,Rhonda does anyone know of a good floral or interesting silk supplier in Brisbane or online?
Yes, it was interesting. She said you don't miss hair until you don't have it! I know she used to feel heat and cold a lot more and she was always asking for more hats. She gave me the idea of becoming a hat maker, I feel like it can really help people to feel very special...

Hi Rhonda

This clip on You tube might be helpful


Try this silk store on southside of Bris = not cheap but contact them first to ask if they have anything suitable.


I think they also own Fabric Barn out Kenmore way 

If you make any seams make sure they are covered or use French seams.  Any little bit of rubbing can do great damage or cause irritation. 

Also for everyday wear, super soft fleece is good if seams are on the outside.

Thank you for being so caring. 

Thank you so much for your input Sharon, Rhonda

I recently made  a hat for my friend who is going trough chemo and has lost all of her hair, I made her a lightweight cloche style and provided her with numerous accessories so the look/style of the hat can be changed on a daily basis... she loves it! I will post the picture with her wearing it.

Here is a chemo hat I made for a friend out of fleece but it is still stylish.

I have made a few summer hats for ladies going through chemo.  They are made from breathable fabrics and interfacing with cotton linings.  Seams are turned, so they don't hurt.  Feedback has been good.  Here's a photo of one such customer in one such hat:

Thank you Anne, the hat looks great. thanks so much for your time.Rhonda x

I have made a variety of hats for chemo patients.  My crochet hats have been popular, but I have found that most any style can work as long as they are lined with very soft fabric.

Thank you Bridget for you input.I have made a reversible all cotton hat similar to Anne's hat she has on in her picture.The seams are all inside the hat so nothing to rub delicate skin.The hat is navy and white floral one side and hot pink on the other side. I also made a matching fabric flower attached to a broach back.I presented the hat and flowers in a beautiful feminine box ,with my hand crafted sticker on it.Thanks everyone for all you help ,love Rhonda.


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