We are thrilled to announce the 2017 recipient of the Hall of Fame Award is Elaine Mergard.

We received some very detailed nomination forms, with genuine admiration for the skills and attributes of this year’s nominees. Lorraine Gill, Phillip Rhodes, Harold Guinsberg, Elaine Mergard and Christine Martin

All are worthy recipients you will agree. All have contributed to Australian millinery in a big way. It was pleasing for the committee to see three states represented indicating again our cohesiveness as a national association. We thank the nominees for services to millinery and acknowledge the esteem in which you are held by your peers. You have been nominated because you are recognised as a significant contributor to millinery in Australia.

Elaine made her first hat in 1964 while studying to be a home economics teacher. In those days the students were trained for two years across all types of millinery in order to be able to teach the trade in the Adult Education system in Brisbane in the 60s. Moving on to the 80s and 90s, she taught at TAFE level. She established her label Hatrageous Headwear in 1990 where she supplied boutiques throughout the state of Queensland. Armed with her decades of millinery skill and a yearning to spread the word, she established The Hat Academy in 2013. I find it hard to believe the Hat Academy has only been around for four years. Elaine’s name is synonymous with quality online learning. She has a stable of local and international millinery educators giving classes through the Hat Academy.

Recently at a millinery sales event at Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Elaine and Graham (husband and secret weapon) looked after a table of millinery from interstate milliners, this was a kind and selfless act like the person Elaine is. Elaine's contribution to millinery goes beyond making hats. In Brisbane for many years she ran a program for troubled teens. Teaching them the art of millinery as a diversion. Hat Academy reaches people in remote areas and right around the world and provides a wonderful platform for tutors who are involved.

Elaine has volunteered at MAA events and the Hat Academy is a huge supporter of our millinery conventions with sponsorship and wonderfully generous prizes. Hat Academy is a sponsor of this very function this evening. Elaine Mergard has taken millinery from the humble home economics classroom of Brisbane to the world.

Rose Hudson
The Millinery Association of Australia

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Thank you to the milliners who nominated me for the Hall of Fame and to Millinery Association of Australia for their vote of confidence in me as a milliner and Hat Academy. Feeling a little overwhelmed & emotional but at the same time so special!

Hi Elaine,

A special congratulations from Kenilworth and one of your number one fans....

how very special to be chosen and needless to say very fitting as well...

Gosh we go back a bit Elaine with very fond memories...xxxx to you and Graham

What a well-deserved honor! Congratulations Elaine and thank you for all you've given to the world of millinery and millinery students! Xo
Congratulations, Elaine! I don't know of anyone who deserves this honor more than you!

Congratulations Elaine...You so deserve this, and thanks for all the help you have given me!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  A well deserved honor.  I was so happy when I heard about it, it was like getting an honor myself just because I know you.

Thank you all for your Congrats. Love helping you all in your love of millinery xx

How wonderful! Congratulations Elaine x

Awesome Elaine, congratulation, well deserved.

Thanks Jeanie - was not expecting such but Special after making headwear for 50yrs xx


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