I want to add some Guipere lace cut out pieces and applique them to a hat brim. The brim is made out of a courser straw. My question is what is the best way to attach them? 1. to glue them on. 2. to tack them on is several places. 3. to machine them on with a fine zig zag stitch. I can see problems with each way. I am guessing the most couture way would be to hand tac them on? Comments or questions please!

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Either way is workable but my choice is to stitch at several points of lace shape and hide stitches in the weave of straw. Even moving from one point to the other hide thread discreetly in the weave . If lace same colour as straw easily achieved but if contrast I would use a nylon thread. Clients are very savvy to finish and a fine finish = top $$.  :)

thank you I didnt think about the clear thread I do have some.


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