Hi Everyone - I have a beautiful fur felt hood with a single sided velour finish that I'd like to block into a style where the underside of the brim will show. I've heard there's a way to treat the flat side of the felt to give it a velour finish but have no idea how this is done.

Is anyone familiar with this technique?

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Hi Tiffany,

  1. Steam a part of the hat and put it on the block.
  2. Take a shoes suede brush.
  3. Hold the brush with your thumb and index finger.
  4. Make a 90° rotation so the brush hits the fur felt.
  5. You lift the brush up so that the fur will raise up.

I hope that I've explained it clearly and that it may help you.


Hi Agata - thank you for replying! Would you happen to have a picture of the kind of brush you're talking about? I just did a web search and I'm not sure which type of bristle I need...there seems to be 2-3 variations.

Have look the picture, it could be plastic or iron.

Thank you Agata. I will give this a try!

 Steam.Brush (gentle!!). Repeat


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