Hello, I am currently a fashion merchandising student/aspiring milliner and I am doing a project for one of my classes that involves forecasting trends for the Spring/Summer '14 and Fall/Winter '14-'15 seasons. I wanted to focus my project specifically on womens' hats and hair accessory trends.

Do any of you know any good websites where I can find info on upcoming accessory/hat trends? OR, what do you see happening in the world of hats? Any insight would be appreciated!

I, for one, think that with androgyny being a trend right now, we will continue to see fedoras and masculine shapes in popularity. Also, I think that with the movie The Great Gatsby and TV series Downton Abbey, there will be a resurgence of cloche hats and 20s styles. I also think that head scarves will be in vogue.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Plus Grazia / Harpers & Vogue

There are sites where you pay $1,000+ / yr for info & webinairs

I think there's a big difference between high fashion trends and on-the-street trends. Cloches officially made a comeback several years ago in terms of being worn on the runway, by celebrities, etc. They have now made their way to the masses somewhat, and Gatsby and Downton will help with that.

I think that toques (not in the knit cap sense, think 1930s) will be a trend soon ... but only in high-fashion circles. I don't think they're "accessible" enough for a lot of people.

Those are just my unresearched best guesses. :)

Well you have the Grace Kelly Movie, The Jacquelyn Kenney and Great Gatsby Movies coming out in the next year or two so I think your right on target. Pillbox, cloche, and facinator type headbands will be in high fashion. With the color trends I think you will see lots of peacock feathers and ostrich feathers with lots of sequens and brooch type jewelry on the hats. The pillbox has been greatly understated as being conservative I think if you jazz it up a bit and make it more today you'll see alot of them on the runway. I also hear there will be a new movie on the life of Marilyn Monroe in the making so then you have the large rim floppy hats so they could hide in public as well as the scarfs  you mentioned. So anything from the 20's to the 50's will be on the rise as well as steampunk. Steampunk is getting alot of press as of late so the top hats with the mechanical/clock elements with lots of embellishments will be on the runway. The recent issue of Vogue has a 4 page spread on punk and stempunk fashion. With the rise of zombie apoclypse  possibilities I think you will see a great surge in this direction. Good luck I think you are on the right track.

I agree that the 20's will be big, in part because of the movie releases coming up. As people try the styles in the movies, they will find the cloches are extremely comfortable to wear, which will be a big plus. I see it as a springboard to other styles from the 30's and 40's. I think unisex fedoras and trilbys will remain a staple.

Glad I have some authentic 1920's blocks. :)

Pinks for next season, ethnics (re scarves...but then again many people of African descent are ahead of the trend since its a cultural thing for them). Also florals and caps!!  I am already ahead of 2015 trends because my last 2 hidden collections are caps, cloches (which have been shown here) and way ahead of trend forecasting.  There really nothing new in fashion forecasting apart from recycling other cultures looks or rubbish that no one bought into 10 yes ago

Any forecasts for summer 2015 ?

I was right in my predictions, the trend is for bright explosive colours this year with very trendy finishes...eg. Feathers set to look like trees, distinctive geometrics and unusual monochromes but not black and white.... And I already know the trend penchant for 2016!  I hope that helps

Wsgn is the trend forecasting most designers use!  Check vogue, harpers, and Elle for free snippets as most trend forecasting services charge but may offer some discounts to students!


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