Hello everyone!

I am a new "milliner-in-training”.I try to create new shape on old block but I stuck on one thing: how to put that „bow” on the top? Till now I sewing everything but this time felt is very stiff (it’s hard to stitch with a needle) - what should I do? Use glue? (And what kind of glue?).

I look forward to any suggestion.

Thanks y'all!

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Hi Kasia, Using glue is risky as even the best of quick dry glues can cause permanent marking if it webs onto felt. Stitching it on is your best solution with strong needle and double thread using a thimble. Once you have decided where you are going to fix the bow place 2 pins in position where you are going to stitch. Using the tip of an awl or using a darning needle and thimble make these holes firstly. Always attach the trim securely to the trim/bow firstly before you try to attach to hat. Once it is secure on inside do a tie knot with the two threads so it locks down the stitch then using a little bit of glue on  tip of pin place on this knot so it will never come free. UHU glue is the one many milliners prefer from office supplier. Elaine xx

Elaine, thank you so much. I think I needed confirmation and this advice about sewing style.  


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