I would be most grateful if someone could let me know who the tutor is for the attached headpiece; looking to take the course.  Many thanks!

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Hi Janet This stunning hat for Oaks Day Millinery Award in 2018 is the work of Louise Macdonald. Learn the way to make this with no need for huge new block in the Classic Buntal Brim course but using largest size Mat 23" Very innovative technique :)   https://shop.hatacademy.com/collections/deluxe/products/classic-bun...


Hope this helps E xx

Thanks, Elaine!  I thought so, but when I looked through the designs on display and didn't see this particular hat, I wasn't sure.  I will go ahead and order this course.  

Thanks for all these amazing designers you are bringing our way; truly grateful! 

hi Janet, Louise does not teach this huge one but same system with bigger mat - any difficultoies she will help you. Hope all ok there and CV not going rampant Blessings,  E xx


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