Hi all,

This has probably been asked a dozen times but...?
I use a flammable felt stiffener from Parkins UK, not cheap at £20.00 plus VAT plus postage for 500ml???
But try as I do, and work it in to the felt it always leaves behind white marks/residue??
Is there really another alternative other than the expensive flammable stiffens that don't leave these marks!
I'm sure i've read somewhere about watered down PVA which is sprayed onto the inside of felt?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated:-)

Thank you!

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Hello !

I am trained as an heritage conservator/restorator in France, I know well about paint chemistry.

Maybe this will be helpful for the people using PVA mix : you can easily dissolve PVA and acrylic resin with simple alcohol. Let's be clear : don't dilute your mix with alcohol, it will destroy the product. Dilution is water!

But if you need to remove PVA traces, alchol will do the trick perfectly (it dissolves the resin).

Sorry for my strange English ;-) & hugs from France, Marie.

Marie  - do you mean that you will dissolve PVA and acrylic resin with water for a stiffener mix? if so, would you mind sharing that recipe - I just used water based varathane - clear- mixed with water - I used it mixed in 1/2 and 1/2 and it worked wonders to hold felt in a shape and to make felt rods that were stiff as horns for some of my pieces

Hi WA,

My stiffener mix for silk is PVA or acrylic glue + water in proportion of 1/3 aproximately (sometimes up to 1/5, depends of the "hardness" I want and of the thickness of my fabric)

Hope this helps, M.


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