Here are a few of my fav millinery music tracks. Do you know of any other songs using hats as theme?

Written in 1946 for a musical it was immortalised by Barbara Streisand.

Comic song "Where did you get that hat?" by Stanley Holloway

"Any place I hang my hat is home" could be every milliner's theme song.
Beck cover of "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" originally by Bob Dylan.

What's your fav?

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I remember a song we sang as teens in Christchurch when we were being silly, He,wears tan shoes and pink shoe laces, ... a big Panama and a purple hat band.... It had a nice tune too.
When I was a kid I loved this song but always thought it was a "pink banana with a purple hat band" not a big panama ... Didn't make any sense but it made me laugh!


I, too, remember that one!

Found it! By Dodie Stevens,, 1959!

Although it doesn't have the word 'hat'- there's the Irving Berlin song 'Easter Parade'- 'I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet...'

I remember the song " On the Sunny Side of the Street"

You can leave your hat on - our favorite rendition is by Etta James, of course

How about "I'm putting on my top hat" and "All around my hat" to add to the list? Evelyne

One song I can't seem to shake off is "Raspberry Beret" by Prince.  I wear berets a lot and I hear that song when I wear them!  And yes, I have found them in second hand stores sometimes!!!

My absolute favourite is 

Joe Cocker's "you can leave your hat on"


Musical theatre geek pitching in here:

The song "Ribbons Down My Back" from the musical Hello, Dolly is not only about hats ... it's sung by a character who is a milliner!

The song "The Ladies Who Lunch" from the musical Company isn't about hats, but one of its signature lyrics "Does anyone still wear a hat?!" is iconic in musical theatre circles.

And there's "Finishing the Hat" from Sunday in the Park with George. The song is actually about a hat in a painting, but it has interesting relevance to all art forms, too.


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