Fashions on the field over 40's

I have entered FOTF at Flemington, ambitious I know. I've only been to one Race Day years ago in Christchurch, NZ, and I've never entered this competition before. Has anyone got any tips on what to do, where to look, and how long it takes please? Any advice will be gratefully received! Thanks.

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Is anyone from here going to Flemington? I would love to catch up! I am very pleased with my finished outfit. Should I wear gloves.with a silk suit? Do you think my clutch should be plain coloured or is a bling clutch ok???
Only a week to go until the Big Day!

Some great FOTF tips here. Pracical advice from head to toe.

Thanks Elaine!

How was the big adventure?  The photos look fab!  Great hats.  Love the clutch too. 

Have you booked for next year yet?

The atmosphere must be amazing.

What was it like being in the FOTF?

It was great! I met other milliners, went and saw Louise MacDonald in her studio, plus went and saw Tess in her little shop full of men's hats in Melbourne. I didn't get to House of Adorn, maybe next time! The fashions on the field comp was amazing. I got to see lots of hats up close while lining up, and shook a bit on stage, but that was ok, all part of the fun! I was photographed a lot because lots of race goers loved my hat. The girls from G&G Studios also loved my hat, so they took lots of pics too. Then I won best hat on the P&O Cruise, plus I won most creative outfit, so we both dined at Luke Mangan's Salt Grill, which was amazing. I loved every minute and would love to go on another cruise AND go to all the Cup week races next year!

Carena, that's fantastic.  It sounds so exciting!!

How many times did you say to your self "I can't believe I'm actually here"

So you have booked already for next year :)

I'd love to go for the week leading up to the madness, and then the week of the madness.  The city must be humming.

It's Cup Day here today in Christchurch.  The city is far from humming like it once would have.  There is more concentration on keeping youth drinking under control than anything else it seems.  Riccarton on Saturday will be the shining light for the fashion stakes.  One of the judges has bought a piece of mine to wear.  The ready to wear import market is a hard one to compete with.

Your hats and outfit were fantastic.  Started planning for next year yet? haha

Hi Roz, yes it's a long way for me to get to the Melbourne Cup after leaving Christchurch in 1997. I have a lovely friend from Cairns, Jeni Bombardieri, who I will be spending time with at Melbourne races next year. I am planning on going, but have to sell more hats first, they are in two outlets now, plus I'm busy with my fashion design Diploma study. If you feel like attending the Cup any time let me,know, it was well worth it. We tagged on three days in Sydney at the end and I can thoroughly recommend the Aspire Hotel, reasonable, large room, central to everything, includes brekky, and great service!

ooh, would be there in a heartbeat!  Just have to sell a few hats, and then some :).  Will let you know.

Sounds good to me!

Great job!!!!!


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