Fashion has reclaimed the colour emerald as the hue du jour. The royal-friendly emerald is the rich shade which has all others green with envy.

I have some old Emerald green Parisals from 80's I have pulled out of cupboard so will use these up. Not an easy color to source with feathers but peacock feathers work well with Emerald green. Green flowers look unreal but I guess would be unique. 

What do you think of fashions latest colour trend? Would you use it / wear it?

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Love green tones

Love green and emerald is an all time favorite!

I too love the colour and have a velour felt to work with. Worn with brown or black coat in winter it brings a bright spot to an otherwise long season.
I picture it worn with supple leather gloves, and print scarf...delicious!

Love greens. Full stop;-)

i'm obsessed with all shades of green!!! my favourite green photos here...

I adore green. The last time I had an emerald green dress, I made it myself in 1980....

Love it!  I had a gorgeous emerald double-breasted jacket in the 80s which I wore to death!    

I might have to get the dye pot out - as it's tricky to get the right shade.  As well, there's a danger of  channeling a St Patrick's Day costume too, I guess.  This is not a good look!!  

I love, love emerald jewelry however as far as apparel I personally would not wear ermerald, but if a client requested a hat in this color I would go all out to make it look and wear like a piece of fine jewelry.

Here's a hat I made for a client recently who wanted a hat to match her emerald dress. The saucer hat is made from emerald sinamay of the same colour as her dress

WOW WOW!! Vivienne   Thanks to Nicole Kidman who chose to wear Peacock feathers on an outfit the taboo it is bad luck on race track no longer stands. Always a great seller. Wonderful to see your successful season.

Beautiful, what an eye catcher!



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