Hello everyone :)

I have a little doubt... What's the best way, in your opinion, to fix a fascinator to the head? Hoops for hair pins, combs, elastic band...? Thanks :)

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Hi Elisa,

I have tried lots of different methods, feedback from customers has been loops for pins too tricky for most to do themselves, I more often apply 2 ways per piece. For example A headband with a comb attached or comb & elastic combo. It really all depends on the style and size of the headpiece. The more secure the better. Hope this helps a little


Most of my clients prefer elastic as they cannot tolerate combs. But you could also do a figure of 8 ... I have replied with a instructions to the technique here along with strap ideas too!

I'd like to see your techniques for elastic straps. Where are the instructions located?  Thank You.


This one of the thick straps techs for straw and if you wish you can email me at floreedith yahoo.com

The technique for elastic is fairly simple I do not use precut so no uncomfortable ferrules. Knot the ends and tack into the sides of hat firmly!  So up to u but if you need stuff emailed let me know!

All d best

Does anyone have suggestions on attachments for people with very short hair? Has anyone used snap-in clips  also called hair extension clips?

Problem with those are s they deface the design... Stick to elastic if hair is really short then use the transparent lingerie elastic you can find for bras... It works a treat and lasts very well... Just secure ends with matching fabric of hat and then sew in!  Other alternative is figure of 8 made with millinery wire as in above reply...


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