Do any of the members sell their lovely creations? Trisha Simpson x

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Yes we do. My  web site is www, and you will find other members  also have  their own websites and/or facebook pages.

Yes I certainly do through my Marsh Millinery Facebook page

Hi Trisha, for the past 5 years I have sold many small custom pieces locally to mostly bridal party clients, who want a custom made understated piece to match their outfits. Sadly I work full time, so have little time to explore avenues further afield and using this time to try out new things and expand my repertoire , so am learning to use felt, leather and thermoplastics and increasing a collection of lovely things in boxes in the garage.

I have a facebook page HatPiece and non ecommerce website HatPiece that I am currently re building for 2016. both of these have generated interest and a couple of orders, rather than local word of mouth recommendations.

I have just  opened an Etsy shop to see if I can interest anyone in rehoming some of my work , so I can free up some space to explore new avenues with more interesting and creative pieces. 


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