On which side do  you wear a Fascinator or Headpiece  This Headpiece could be worn on either the right hand side or the left hand side. Which do you think is best ??  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wore her Head Piece on the Left Hand side at the Royal wedding and so many criticised her. Was she right or wrong? 

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That is interesting Petro as that was how it was when I trained in mid 1960's  - glad you are setting the trend there!!

There is no "right" or "wrong" side - everything depends on the style of the headpiece and the shape of the wearer's face. All faces are asymmetrical: when I consult with clients we try it both ways at the design stage and it is immediately apparent which side is the "right" side.

I think the only wrong place to wear a fascinator is like a miners lamp. ;) That also depends on the design. I used to wear mine on the left, this is a 'rule' I was taught at tafe and what felt also felt comfortable but have started to prefer the right of my head. 

I like to make the fascinators so they can be worn on either side and still look quite good.  However, when I can not do that, I favor it being worn to the right side. I find it easier for me to design with the decorations heavier on the left as I look at the model so therefore it is on her right side.

I did have a client that had her own way of wearing the button fascinators that I made for her and that was in the back worn over her hair in a bun.  Interesting and quite attractive on her.


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