It's been a while since I've been here. Had quite a creative block for a while and only sold $480 last year I'm heading for a bright new year however.

Does anyone make hats with a wide tulle brim? I saw one, somewhere (In the British Hat Talk I think)  and have been fascinated on how it's done. The brim is tulle with basically a wired edge with a 2 inch high pillbox for the crown. My problem is  how to attach the two parts. All kinds of possibilities have been going through my head, but none of them seem very permanent  or without giving the two pieces the "Big Uglies" at the place of attachment,

My hat making spot has some nice Dupioni in a medium blue and some embroidered tulle with blue/black/white/gold flowers making up the embroidery

Please let me know any ideas. Elaine this might be a potential class!

Helen Marshall

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  Hi Helen I was making these hats in 2003 and always good seller plus such wide brims customers would pay good price.  black fstretch lace fabric was a good seller. Here a few samples I made This yellow one had one brim of white chiffon only then top brim yellow sinamay & used customers fabric for crown. Used embroidered silks as well as fine polyester & chiffon. We have this Lesson in Millinery Essentials course along with brims in pleated Crinoline. Elaine xx 


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