Hi there,

I have been making quite a few perchers lately, but I was just wondering what people use to cover the wire frame? And also, how do you attach the elastic to the wire frame so it looks nice, instead of just a knot.

Thank you for all of your help!

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I am unsure why you would cover the headband but when I do I use very fine braid or ribbon. Some milliners use fine tubing. I usually just paint the whole thing. The circle behind the percher which sits on the forehead is backed with velvet stretch ribbon for comfort. I stitch the ends of elastic at least 7-8 times and I don't use knots where you could see them.

I paint the headband (to match the client's hair) as well, and I find that the headbands Rebecca taught to go with the percher, don't need elastic.

Yes I am wondering why elastic would be needed unless it is being added to the bottom of the headband? I have never done this myself......
I have added elastic to some of the perchers if there were a little bit heavier with the trim. I just wanted to make it look nice and neat.

Check out this stretch velvet ribbon to cover wire  -                                                               https://www.houseofadorn.com/millinery/blocking-trims/ribbons-braid...

Thanks Elaine
I've done the course on perchers as well... I made a disc hat with the percher headband which I wore to the races and I have to say (unfortunately), it was super uncomfortable. I tried loosening it off/widening it every time I went to the ladies but after a few hours, I was looking forward to taking it off. I'm experimenting with using a sturdy headband and extending it out. I'm glad I had this experience though as I would hate to end up selling it and the customer having a similar experience. Or perhaps I've just got a funny shaped head!
Hi Silpa, What did you use to make the percher? If you use leather or heavy leather flowers it can add weight to the head when wearing. I made a couple from sinamay and used sinamay leaves and a braid covered quill. The percher was very comfy to wear. Do you have photos of the ones you made?
Hey Carena. It was made from sinamay. It's the cream and black lace percher... if you scroll down my photos you'll see it. I didn't find the comb slid in very well and no matter how much I tried to widen the headband, it kept digging into the sides of my head. I'm pretty sure I used the right gauge of wire too :(


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