Kentucky Derby Day on 4th May showcases the finest in spring fashions. In the grandstand you will see ladies wearing pastel-colored suits or colorful frilly dresses, all co-ordinating  with their Derby headwear.  

US Magazine Today Woman has contacted Hat Academy for milliners who may wish to ship their headwear to head office in Kentucky for a photo shoot to feature hats in their magazine. The criteria for this shoot requires the headwear must be colourful, unique, little embellishment but great pattern. US milliners if you are interested please post a suitable hat or headwear photo below for submission to the magazine. If successful you will be contacted via your profile. Good luck!

UPDATE: Submissions are now closed good luck!

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Hello from next door here in Ohio.  Thank your for the opportunity to submit photos for consideration.  All of my millinery hats are hand blocked on vintage or antique hat blocks and hand stitched, with the exception of a few that I create from my original flat pattern designs.  I work in several different mediums and never run out of new things to try.  I am a self-taught milliner.  The first hat is an example of a simple straw hat that was hand blocked in the free form style with a hand made flower.  Of the next three, two are leather embellished with lace and the third silk embroidered.  All three would be suitable to wear with suits or for the woman who wants a classic finished look without the fuss. I have a large brimmed derby hat that I will post as soon as I photograph it. 


Toyo straw for the budget minded.

Brown leather and lace with veil.

Plum leather with lace applique.

Burgundy embroidered silk--two looks in one.

hi there, here is a cute example of a Derby Day Headpiece, hope you like it regards Joanne

Hello there!  I just finished shooting these to gear up for the Kentucky Derby.  I hope you like them. Thanks for the opportunity.  


very pretty!

Thank you Kathleen, glad you like them!

I am also sending two hats for possible inclusion in the fashion editorial. I work only in straw materials for my work. My family has been so involved in this straw art for more than 5 generations, so I am very pleased to present my generations view of this wonderful straw world. For us straw is defined as materials only coming from wheat, rye, oats, barley or rice. Most of my hats are made of wheat straw plait (braid) but I also use rye and oats as well. The first hat I submit is my first Triangular hat. I created it by weaving three strands of black and white 5mm braids and then creating the button in a triangular fashion to create this black and white hat. The second is a small cocktail hat that has accompany straw threads that are woven into lace elements with some additional small millinery elements that are historic to the straw hat field


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