Kentucky Derby Day on 4th May showcases the finest in spring fashions. In the grandstand you will see ladies wearing pastel-colored suits or colorful frilly dresses, all co-ordinating  with their Derby headwear.  

US Magazine Today Woman has contacted Hat Academy for milliners who may wish to ship their headwear to head office in Kentucky for a photo shoot to feature hats in their magazine. The criteria for this shoot requires the headwear must be colourful, unique, little embellishment but great pattern. US milliners if you are interested please post a suitable hat or headwear photo below for submission to the magazine. If successful you will be contacted via your profile. Good luck!

UPDATE: Submissions are now closed good luck!

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Hello!  I'm pleased to send pictures for possible inclusion in your fashion editorial.  All were handcrafted by myself in my studio in Wilmington, North Carolina.  I studied millinery in Melbourne, Australia and have been making hats and teaching millinery (domestically and internationally) since 1996.  Thank you for your consideration.  I have LOTS of hats to show you but these are 3 I think fit your criteria of colorful, unique, little embellishment but great pattern.    Jan

'Hat Tower"!!


My name is Antoinette Karma founder/designer of HosueofAntoinette1950 statement accessories. This delightful hat was featured on the runway of New York Fashion Week! A favorite from the audience! Its all about black and gold. A delightful, timeless combination. HouseofAntoinette1950 has more hats from our latest collection as well! Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!

Warm Regards,

Antoinette Karma




My favorite trim piece carried home from Paris!

Hello!  These are smaller tilt hats since some women get scared off by hats.  I found this is the perfect size for beginners.  The yellow is adorned with peacock sword and vintage millinery flowers.  I have more like it in the shop waiting to be photographed too. Some of my more non-traditional hats have ended up at the races as well and you can find them in my albums. Happy Hatting! 

I have photographs from my business Over the Top Hats. Each piece is hand blocked, made of Sinamay, with Silk Hat Bands and Silk Flowers. The Pink Hat I do in Lime, Red, Black Purple and other colors upon request

I love this leopard print sinamay, this particular hat style looks good on many different face shapes. Also hand blocked, with silk band and silk roses a touch of veiling adds that little bit of extra that the ladies love





How exciting!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to submit a photo of my hat. Making hats and headpieces is my passion. I am a milliner with a studio in Atlanta, Georgia. This fascinator is named "Flight" and made by hand sculpting sinamay that has been hand dyed. Sinamay is very lightweight and airy straw. Please contact me if I can answer any questions. I would be delighted to be involved in this photo shoot. 

Thank you so much!

Tina Kite



my name is noella,i live in dallas texas. i am a self-taught milliner!!! i love hats and i have been selling them locally and internationally.i happy to be part of this opportunity and hope to be featured in the fasion editorial.

i love hats and i am happy that this opportunity has been given to us to be featured in a magazine editorial photoshoot.


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