Hello milliners,

I am planning on dying 2 abstract laces, I am thrilled with both laces as they are the perfect patterns to match the dresses I am trying to pair them with, now I just need to get the colour right.
It's my first time dying lace so I'm a little anxious.

I know that the 6 petal lace is a Cotton and nylon mix, I plan on dying it pale peach.

I am unsure what the 5 petal lace is made from, (I have asked the seller just waiting for a reply) I plan on dying it red.

So I'm looking for some suggestions, tips & tricks.

All comments welcome,

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I buy my dye from Dharma Trading,

they have a lot of information on their web site, I have called for troubleshooting problems and they are very knowledgeable They might be able to provide just what you need


Not very helpful I'm afraid, I am in the UK so an international phone call isn't doable for me,
Thank you for your reply though, very much appreciated :)

We can buy Dharma Dyes in Australia - google such for UK Ella and a fabric /craft supplier there will have such. 


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