Hello everyone!

Has anyone played with dying felt bodies. For instance, if I can’t get the color needed could I take a white hood and either dip or paint dye on it to match the color of someone’s outfit? I can see how this would work with straws, but curious about felt.

Happy Holiday Season!

Tania Hansen

Tatiana Millinery

Boise, Idaho, USA

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A couple of years ago I was working on a TV series and the designer wanted us to dye felt bodies.  The dyer on that show had mixed success.  Some of the felts took the dye easily and others gave unpredictable colour results.  She was using All-purpose dyes and added vinegar as a mordant to help the dye stick to the animal fibres.  Some of the bodies grabbed the colour, others seemed to dye only on the surface of the felt (which we discovered after we cut off the excess, necessitating some extra work with felt markers).  A few refused to dye at all, and one or two gave completely unexpected colour results!  It was exciting, if nothing else!

But, if you are brave I would say why not try it?  You could cut off a bit from the edge to use as a sample.  The bodies will take a long time to dry, but you could block them right after they are dyed.  Remember to be careful about the temperature of your dyebath as wool fibres will shrink in hot water, even already felted ones.


Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. My solution to any color problem in my life is “Hey let’s dye that thing!” But at the onset of working with felt bodies I knew it wasn’t going to be as simple or strait forward as dyeing a couple yards of fabric or a shirt. 

So, thank you for validating my suspicions and giving me an idea of what to expect. My inclination would be to try dyeing less expensive bodies. That way you aren’t out a wad of money with a poor outcome. But, I do love to experiment so this could be a lot of fun!!

Thanks again,


I agree, what do you have to lose besides some felt?  I'd be very interested in hearing how it goes!



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