Hi and a happy new year wherever you may be! I’m in a cold dark wet UK with a bit of a challenge…..got a client with a beautiful crazy bright bright zingy green (jade/emerald but bright) and she would really like a halo style headpiece covered in leather….now I cannot find the colour to match anywhere so wondered whether I could dye a light coloured nappa leather? Anyone had experience of this (good or bad!).

I know the block alone will be a challenge for me as it is an angular shape she has chosen that I have never blocked before! I have only taken the easy way and used a beret percher which turned out pretty well.

Hopefully someone out there will have an idea and look forward to hearing.

best wishes 


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Cherryl who heads up Au Leather organization and tutor on Hat Academy has a suggestion: 

"The leather will be sealed as it’s a chrome tanned leather.

 You could take it to a refinisher in the leather industry and ask them to strip the sealer off and then re colour. Possibly cheaper to buy another piece of Leather.

The other option to try Angelus Products,  they have an amazing collection of paints that can be done by  hand, it was originally designed for the footwear industry but so many leather crafters ae using it.They are an American Company, have tutorials on their web site, products I believe ae available worldwide.

You would still have to strip the sealer though to allow the new colour to bind to the leather and then use their sealer.Hope this helps, Cherryl "


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