Do you always fall in love with your finished product?

I have had a piece that I have been working on, which is blocked on a round cocktail block in sinamay. After all the usual wiring ect I used a gorgeous oriental satin to make bias binding for around the bottom.

After that I have put it together and taken it apart 3 times. My hat has been sitting on my desk for days untouched, I have changed my design in my head a number of times. I just don't love it.
My question is do all you experienced milliners always fall in love with each piece you finish or is there some you don't even like?

To be honest I have a lot on my desk not finished after only 2 months. mostly flowers ect that I made during classes.

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There are a few hats, fascinators, etc. that when I finish them they did not make me happy...I've even tried to like them but I couldn't. So I have several hats and fascinators that I have not finished, however I have confidence that one day I'll see exactly what I need to do to make them "pop!!" I want to always be able to say when I complete a hat; " this is the best one yet!!"

I have had a few that I just didn't feel the love for, when I finished them.  When this happens, I just walk away from them for a while.  Sometimes the design changes dramatically, and other times just small changes make the hat acceptable. One thing that I have learned, is that even though I may not like the finished product, someone else may fall in love with it.  When this happens, I consider it a lucky mistake.

Just a follow up ladies. I nearly gave this hat away. I hated it, my friend has been unwell and I was going to give it to her to boost her mood. I was contemplating it. Anyway lucky I didn't because it sold the next day on eBay. I was somewhat shocked but glad it's gone lol.

i really appreciate these comments  from you all now i know that the sky is just the starting point. please i need someone to put me through how i can make a lovely bow on my fascinator.  thank you all

Sometimes I finish a hat and think: meh, onto the next! But if you're making to sell, it's not you that needs to fall in love with it, it's the buyer. I had a lady visit me the other day not really clear on what she wanted. I showed her lots of different styles and we settled on a bandeau design which I was to custom make. She wasn't clear on the difference between a headband and elastic so I pulled out a bandeau I had finished months ago with a headband (which I hadn't even listed as I didn't like!) and she absolutely loved it. Sale made. So now I show/list everything as you just never know!


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