Do most hats need a band on the inside?

Hello, I am branching out in my hatmaking and getting more serious about it. I used to just make crochet beanies and fabric scrub caps. Now I am sewing and crocheting cloches. They are my favorite kind of hat. I might also make some fedoras if I can figure out how to sew them.

What I was wondering is if most hats (not beanies of course) should have a band on the inside even if they have a lining. For example, if I sew a wool cloche with a polyester lining (both fabrics upcycled from a mens blazer) should it have a band inside? Does it depend on the fabric of the lining or is it just standard practice to put one in?

If so, what material should the band be made from? Ribbon? Also, is there any way to make that partial or full elastic so my hats can be more 'one size fits all'? Or should I just sew a strip of elastic into the lining?

I eventually want to try felt hats, but I do not have the money to get the block and stuff right now. I think I can make some nice ones by sewing them, but I have noticed there is not a whole lot of info on ths Internet about sewing hats other than tutorials (most of which are for bucket or sun hats, not winter or dressier hats). So, I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from other people who also love making hats.

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The headband is often referred to in mens hats as a sweat band & that is exactly why you need the internal band  For ladies it is to prevent makeup getting on to the straw or felt. In all the courses here you  are shown how to use petersham ribbon which has the picot edge and can be shaped to sit closely in hat. For linings silk is best but polyester can be used -there is a lining specific lesson in the Millinery Essentials Course which will teach you all the basics you need to explore other Courses. 


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