I use all sorts of props when photographing millinery, but I am keen to get my hands on one those elegant long swan neck ladies. I think that they're acrylic (not poly, I beat those things up way too easy).

They're featureless and bright white. 

Any one got any ideas? I'll post a photo when I can find one (the only one I can find is booger green).

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Hi Megan

I just bought this little beauty yesterday!  I think it might be what you mean?  I got if from Mei + Picchi in Adelaide, but they have a store in Brisbane, at 29a Helen Street, Newstead 4006.  07 3257 1711.   Their website is www.meipicchi.com

It was $57.75 and the reference on my invoice is "Merchandising Head 400m Gloss White".  Apparently made from fibreglass.  

Oh Greer, that's the exact one I was thinking of. Thank you for the info. I shall have to send the man down to pick one up for me. 

I have a question for you, have you named her?

Oh, Megan, so pleased to help!  

I have named her, she is Edith - Edith head.  A word play on the great Edith Head of Hollywood movie wardrobe fame (although not many get this, I think)!   Perhaps if she wore glasses?   :)

Love that Greer, I did my thesis on Edith Head in college.

Now THAT is something I'd love to read.  What a great subject she would have been!

I can email you a copy if you like!

I'd really like that Aoife - Edith Head is someone I've admired most of my life - despite not being in the fashion industry at all.  I worked in the film industry for a few years (administration) and often looked longingly into the wardrobe department wishing I was there.  But, two kids to raise didn't give me the change to leap into the unknown in those days!

My email address is greermcdonald@internode.on.net 

Thanks so much! :)

Done Greer, let me know if it goes through ok.

To work in the film industry in the wardrobe department is a favourite dream of mine.

How do you make your hat sit on it so perfecly. Does it ever it slip off?

Hi Kylie, I use the secret told to me by a well-known and very successful milliner - masking tape ;)

I like so much this One! Anyone know where I can buy en Europe? I have One of Casa Balleste, but I use it to work on, not to expose pieces. Thank you!


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