Cut petals with cricut maker - took half an hour to set up but saves time in the future with perfect results

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I recently purchased a Big Shot die cutting machine and love it to absolute pieces. Hunting for the right dies can take some time though. I've found that it can easily cut through EVA foam and leather. I haven't tried fabric yet but am hopeful.

I've just bought one last week end but haven't had time to get it out of the box yet so let's see!

heres hoping!

Hi Elizabeth, any tips?  I've just bought a Cricut but not even switched it on yet. Have high hopes of saving time cutting petals so if you have any tips to get started I would appreciate it!

best regards


I bought a Brother Scan n cut with this in mind a year ago, but I haven't had a go with it yet. Which is ridiculous! I really have to bite the bullet & lean how to use it. 

The best advice ever was someone who told me to watch Cricut Design Space videos on YouTube. This machine isn’t open the box start cutting type of an adventure. You will need to know what the different functions in Cricut Design Space will do to your projects. I did take a chance on an Amazon Open-box Warehouse Deal for $229.

I am absolutely glad I did because my machine was brand new still in the wrapping with sticker; however, the only thing missing from the box was the Cricut mats. I am one of those people that will take a chance on an open box deal and have purchased an iPad Pro for this rose Cricut Maker. I am including a picture of my very first project on my Maker. I made Valentine’s Day t-shirt for my little one. The Maker cut the holographic heat transfer vinyl like it was butter.

The shirt turned out beautifully and my daughter loves it. My only qualm is how slow the Maker takes to cut things. I thought it would really speed through the cutting process but that is incorrect. Another thing, use a laptop instead of an iPad or your iPhone. You will have more functions available on a laptop (ie contouring). Also, Dafont is my best friend for free fonts. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on buying fonts or images. Save your money for all the materials you will use to make things!


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