Cut petals with cricut maker - took half an hour to set up but saves time in the future with perfect results

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This is great news Elizabeth. Can you post pic of machine as I have looked at many at trade shows. Thanks for sharing xx

My cricut maker

Wow what a dream! Any one else used one?


I have a scan n cut which i got years ago, i used it then, but now I have a need for it in millinery and I cant remember, so Im going to a class tomorrow afternoon at Hobbysew to learn it.

Cant wait as it will fussy cut for me exactly what I want to use for trims and more.


Discuss with them how to use for leather as so many milliners would appreciate using it for leather flowers 

Of course.

Silk, Eva foam, leather and Sinamay. Also difficult fabrics like velvet.


Hi Mary,I'd  love to know how you go with your scan n cut, I have one too. I purchased mine a year ago in the hope I could use it to cut leather patterns. I've tried but with not much success. 

Elizabeth, What fabric did you use?

I used silk satin from house of adorn :)

Thanks, I'm wondering about silk chiffon, satin has a stiffness, chiffon doesn't.

Wondering if you need to starch it or place a piece of freezer paper over it.


I'm not sure about chiffon. I am going to buy some chiffon soon and try it. The mats are sticky so maybe that will be enough to hold it???

Very light fabrics will need to be ironed to freezer paper first.

Leather, etc all fine including balsa wood and metal. All have to be less than 3mm thick.

Will play in the next couple of days, first I have to do a software update.


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