I have a request for a hat that I have made, but in a different color.

I have never done this before.

How do you charge for this. Is it more than for one you have already made, and have.

Needed in 2 weeks.

Any help appreciated,


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Actually for me it all depends.  Do you have the items in stock?  How difficult is it to make?  Is 2 weeks giving you enough time to finish and ship?  How demanding is the customer?

I am sure the customer will be expecting the price to be the same or close to what you have already for sale.  I require 50% down payment that is non-refundable if I  a) have to order the supplies,  b) think the combination is something that would not sell if the order fell through, and/or c) have a very fussy customer who just might change her mind or register unfounded complaints when the order is delivered. (fortunately I have only had one of these in my 25+ years.)

If I think I could do the hat within the time frame, I have the materials, and if I think I could sell the hat in my shop even if this customer would not want it, then I would charge  the same as the one I had in my shop.  Otherwise I would explain to my customer that the hat would be more because of the extra time and effort it would take to get it done.

I do it this way because it is how I was taught to do it from my mentors who had been in business since 1929 so I figured they knew the best way and it just seemed to make sense.

I am sure others have their own ways and none is better or worse than the other.  This is something we all must decide based on our own circumstances.

Hi Sharon

I got a 50% deposit and charged the same price as in my store.

I really wanted this sale, so I will be working like crazy to get it done in time.

I will use all your advise on future hats,

Thanks again, Stephanie

Good for you! Now get those magic fingers flying!!!

Excellent advice Sharon. Pricing is something we all find difficult Check this previous discussion Stephanie. Some good tips from milliners around the globe.  So excited about your sale - nothing like $$ to make us keep doing what we love  :))  


Thanks Elaine.  I should have remembered that other thread.

Hi Elaine

I now remember that discussion, having read it a long time ago.

It's so nice to know that you can always get good advise at Hat Academy!

I do have a question...Can you block brim with the collar on the brim block?

Whether it is sinamay or a pari or a felt and you are blocking brim separately from the crown you could, but no advantage as you are giving yourself extra work to shape over the collar. If a felt or pari which have more give than sinamay, you will leave the collar on brim block to block brim all in one if crown block is too deep to sit directly on brim  -check those lessons. 

Hats are not just a way to protect your head and eyes from the sun. They are also a phenomenal method of showcasing your personality and delivering a message to a broad audience.


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