Custom Hat Orders - how much input do you allow?


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Hello, I personally think that you should do what the customer wants, then you will have a happy repeat customer. If you do what you want, not only is your customer unhappy, you could potentially lose a repeat client.  Remember it is called "custom made".   Hope this helps and good luck.

Good customer service is the key to putting your customer first and getting repeat buyers. If you tried too hard to make what YOU want, that is BAD customer service.

Fuchsia is a color that I dislike so much because it almost makes my eyes hurt looking at it.  I have a dear friend who lives in another state. She had a bad stroke in 2014. Her favorite color is fuchsia. I made her a large fuchsia hat with multi colored trimming. Made the hat with my eyes almost closed because the color was so bright. She loved the hat. you must think of what the customer wants first. If they suggest something that you know doesn't work or colors that don't work together, let her know gently and offer alternatives.


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