Curling and painting quills

Any advice gratefully received please. I want to curl a couple of long quills and don't have the right colour. I shall need to paint them.
1. Should I curl them first and then paint them? Wondering if painting them first might lead to cracking the paint?
2. Then also....what paint would you use?
Thanks in anticipation....

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I've not painted quills but use the acid dyes which require them to be put in hot water. For this method I dye first, then curl, as the hot water causes them to loose their shape (same as washing hair that has been straightened). I think if you are painting however, I would paint afterwards to avoid scraping the paint coat off when you use the curlers/tongs.

Thank you Isobel. This is confirming whaþ I thought.  Have soaked my quill andcurled roundmy rolling pin. Let it dry, and I have a very pleasing result. Now to paint or spray it.

I use a spray paint/dye that florists use on their flowers. Its called Oasis., its brilliant on feathers & flowers and comes in an amazing range of colours.

Thank you Jennifer. I use Oasis spray too but in the example above I knew there wasn't a spray dye the right colour and also couldn't wait to order a whole can, just for 1 quill.  I solved it by finding a small acrylic paint £1.75 and then using clear nail varnish on the top to fasten in the colour!  I did this after the quill was curled.  Final picture attached.  I don't have any big shopping places near me and did not want to use mail order without actually seeing the colour.

Hi Marion, just want to confirm that you use hot water first and place the quill in it before curling? and you use a rolling pin? just wanting clarification on how you curled the quill and it stayed the way it looks. looks amazing. 


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