Curling and painting quills

Any advice gratefully received please. I want to curl a couple of long quills and don't have the right colour. I shall need to paint them.
1. Should I curl them first and then paint them? Wondering if painting them first might lead to cracking the paint?
2. Then also....what paint would you use?
Thanks in anticipation....

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I've not painted quills but use the acid dyes which require them to be put in hot water. For this method I dye first, then curl, as the hot water causes them to loose their shape (same as washing hair that has been straightened). I think if you are painting however, I would paint afterwards to avoid scraping the paint coat off when you use the curlers/tongs.

Thank you Isobel. This is confirming whaþ I thought.  Have soaked my quill andcurled roundmy rolling pin. Let it dry, and I have a very pleasing result. Now to paint or spray it.


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